6 Best Vacuum Cleaners To Remove Dust, Pet Hair on Carpets and Hard Surfaces

Find what you really need, the 6 best multi-surface vacuum cleaners.

When buying a vacuum for your house, you should consider what you actually need. You must think to yourself: Does my home contain a lot of carpeting? Have I got stairs? Is there pet hair everywhere?

It is advised to buy a large dust cup vacuum cleaner for a very large home so you may clean more surfaces and not have to spend all of your time emptying it. 

In a typical family home with dogs, it’s essential to have a vacuum with powerful suction and allergy filters that make it easier to breathe. Pet hair can be tricky to remove at times.

An upright vacuum with a respectable cord length will work if your house is only a one story. 

If you have a hefty vacuum, you will need to exercise more to clean a multi-story house, a extremely lightweight bagless vacuum or a canister vacuum with extensible hose to access tight spaces would be preferable.

If your pet leaves a large amount of hair, make sure to have a brush design for pet hair and a robust filter.

Each sort of vacuum has a distinct advantage that supports its functionality, but you’ll be surprised by the extra characteristics a vacuum can have to improve its performance with any kind of cleaning. Wand extensions, for instance, can enable you to clean your upholstery without having to elevate your vacuum onto the cushions.

If you wish to use your upright vacuum on hardwood floors, the motorized brushes should be able to switch on and off; otherwise, they will spread particles about and render your cleaning ineffective.


Buy vacuum cleaner bagless or bagged?


we like

- No need to spend money buying bags


- Easy to Dump Dust and Keep on Going

What we didn't like

-You need to clean and change the filter
-The dust cup get dirty and needs to be washed often

-Smell bad after time


What we like

-Always keep the inside of the vacuum cleaner very clean
-By far the best if you have allergy

What we didn't like

-More expensive because you need to buy bags all time
-Not eco-frendly

6 Best Vacuum Cleaners To Remove Pet Hair and Dust on Carpets



Best Overall


Best to maneuver


Best For Pet Hair

Best With Bags

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The Shark Navigator

The Best Overall


The Shark Navigator has a very large dust cup (2.2 quarts).   You will be able to clean several rooms without emptying it.  The brushroll shutoff is a very cool feature that allows you to switch for more deep clean on carpets when on and gentle clean with no scratch on hard floors. The detachable pod helps to clear in difficult area, easy to detach and carry.

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light

The Easiest to Maneuver

The Shark Rocket is incredibly flexible, only 8 pounds, and simple to control. The ideal vacuum with its slim design for a home with lots of stairs and difficult-to-reach areas. It can also clean bare floors and carpets. The anti-allergen dusting brush works very well. It can also be converted to a handheld vacuum and can do an amazing job inside your car.

BISSELL 2998 MultiClean

The Best for Pet Hair

The  Bissell 2298 Multiclean. The triple surface brush rolls are the best for multi-surface applications. The extension wand with rapid release will help to clean hard to reach areas. The ability to apply the finishing touch with a tool designed specifically for pet hair.  When you’re done, the process will be made simpler by the automatic cable rewind.

Kenmore BC3005 Bagged Canister

The Best with Bags


Compared to the other items on the list, the Kenmore vacuum cleaner is a little bit different. It has a bag with a closure that catches all the hair and dust. This is the one you need if there is someone with an allergy in the house. The vacuum’s interior is constantly spotless, and you may covertly replace the bag without having to clean it or spread the dust outside. The 9.5-foot extended wand can reach the difficult-to-reach location. 

Dyson Ball Multi Floor

The Best New Tech


The Dyson Ball Multi Floor is slightly more expensive than the others on the list and offers more functions along with its renowned ball steering technology. With a better design, you can clean everywhere without unplugging by simply pressing a button to discharge the dirt. The longest cord is 39 feet long.  The surface to surface vacuum will automatically switch from hardwood to carpet. 

Eureka FloorRover

The Best for a Tight Budget


The Eureka has a design quite similar to the Dyson, multi-surface cleaning, easy glide wheel and a 35 foot cord. Every attachment is integrated and simple to use. One of the least expensive ones but yet provides strong suction and a variety of instruments. The flexible hose and removable handle, which together may increase the reach by 12 feet, are the best features. The pet turbo brush can take care of all the long hairs.

Final Tough

There are numerous varieties of vacuums available. Will I use cords or batteries? A cordless seems to be the finest option for a small home without any pets. No need to worry about the cord while you move freely between rooms.

For a large home with pet hair all over the place, a cordless is probably not the best choice. A corded vacuum will do the work and never run out of juice.

The weight of the vacuum is also a very important feature to consider, the heavier it is, the harder you have to carry around the stair and all over the place. The dust cup, cable, and suction power of heavier versions are typically larger. The ability to continue on to numerous rooms without pausing is a major benefit. Very light upright vacuums normally have a small dust cup, you need to spend more time emptying it in the trash can but they are very easy to use and maneuver.  

Bag or Bagless? There are benefits to both options. The primary distinction is that, despite being more expensive overall, the bag will leave the inside of the vacuum very clean and will prevent dust from entering the air when it is emptied. In fact, it is the best option for someone with allergies. 

The bagless will save you money but the dust cup needs to be deep cleaned once in a while to prevent unwanted smell and sticky dirt.  

For a very good vacuum cleaner at a very reasonable price, we think The Shark Navigator is the best overall pick out of the six selections because it offers diverse functionality for various purposes. The extra-large dust cup makes it possible to clean multiple rooms without stopping, the pet brush removes pet hair from hard-to-reach places, and the multi-surface spin gently spins carpets as well as bare hard surfaces.

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